What do you do with your empty Illy cans?

I used some of them (8) to build a small shelf over miss Silvia:

Unfortunately another bunch of them is piling up… anyone got any ideas?


10 Responses to “What do you do with your empty Illy cans?”

  1. Good tip, thanks

  2. Ok all, here’s what I found out:


    “If you remove the bottom With a can opener)and hammer it flat, you will end up with a cone sort of shaped thing, you nail em to the post, fill ‘em
    with dirt, and grow som herbs!” – Cassandra

    “My children and I enjoy turning those coffee cans into planters for our outside garden. We clean them, paint them, poke holes in the bottom for drainage, and plant flowers in them. Cheaper than buying pots and great for reycling the cans. Can also be resued the next year. Hope you liked the suggestion.” – Pattie

    After reading through that I had an idea of my own: I’m thinking that one could expand this into a more elaborate shelving system that could take up a whole wall or something. Also, for added stability one could use a soldering iron to solder the lid to the bottom of the can so that you end up with small modules you can easily join together.

    Waiting for pictures 🙂

  3. Looks like I’m late to the party. Illy cans are surprisingly well-built! I’ve used them to store flour, spices, teas, and other long-term dry kitchen consumables. They keep things really fresh, and look pretty cool to boot.

  4. If you have any friends that roast coffee, they would probably love to have the cans. I’m looking for some right now.

  5. I’m in the US. Twin Cities, MN. Far from you.

    The cans are nice because they are durable, easy to wipe clean, and have a valve on the bottom that accommodates out-gassing that occurs after roasting (lots of C02 in those beans).

    There are places that sell similar cans (maybe a little larger) for ~$4.

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  7. anyone know how to get the printed lettering off?

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